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School Bus Tracking.

School Bus Tracking System

The school buses are driven by immense pressure, particularly when they have to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient journey for the school children, parents and the contractor fleet companies simultaneously. With the help of the customizable school bus tracking system powered by a GPS monitoring system, all these objectives can be seamlessly attained, while reducing the expenditures involved.

The eye-spotting features of the module

Long Waiting TimeReducing the long waiting period for the kids

Parents are notified of the arrival-departure time of the buses which reduces the long waiting periods as well as the perils like accidents during peak traffic hours.

Maintenance FacilityBetter maintenance facility

With the automatic GPS tracking system, bus servicing times are easily extracted, thus attaining higher levels of vehicle maintenance. Mileage tracking also means that warranty recovery issue is solved.

Cost EfficientHighly cost and time efficient

Driving patterns of the drivers are under the keen observation which helps the concerned authorities to track the efficiency and performance of the drivers, at the same time the idling time can be utilized to the maximum. Costs can be easily controlled through aspects like low fuel consumption, automated driver log sheets and engine diagnostics.

GreenSupporting of “green environment”

Optimization of the “bus routes” and tracking of engine idling allows you to minimize environmental impact and carbon footprint is also minimized. On the whole, not only the children, but the parents, the school authorities, the fleet managers and the government are indirectly benefitted by the implementation of the system.

Modules of the system

Bus Attendance history

Parents no longer have to worry about their kids as they receive SMS notifications when their child enters or exits the scheduled buses. Delays or any mishappenings can be easily triggered with the help of this system and all these takes only a couple of seconds!! The arrival times can easily notified to the parents. During emergency situations, every critical detail of your child like name, contact info and blood group, stored in the database can be transferred to the concerned police authorities and the child can be easily tracked.

Vehicle report module

Obtaining the aim of “healthy vehicle” concept, the GPS system allows you to analyze and monitor the health conditions of your vehicle in a systematic manner. With the immobilizer feature, the security aspect of your vehicle is ensured and in case of unauthorized entry, Geo Fence and a Panic Button triggers the authorities; which means you no longer have to worry about thefts or unknown dangers.

Driver performance monitoring

Beware drivers!! Each and Every action, performed by you is censored by the authorities. The performance report can be easily extracted and instances of harsh driving, over speeding and hard cornering would no longer be tolerated by the school management and the government, too!! The GPS system is equipped with location and position satellites and allows real time tracking of the vehicles.